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A focus on advancement of technology, innovative products and collaboration with customers from design to production has resulted in Diodes Incorporated s SBR portfolio s continual market adoption and increasing market share.


SBR, the next generation of rectifiers, is a proprietary and patented Diodes Incorporated technology that utilizes a MOS manufacturing process (traditional Schottky uses a bipolar process) to create a superior two terminal device that has a lower forward voltage (VF) than comparable Schottky diodes while possessing the thermal stability and high reliability characteristics of PN epitaxial diodes.


Introducing Diodes Incorporated  s family of Super Barrier Rectifiers (SBR), qualified to the AECQ101 high-reliability automotive standard and backed by PPAP level 3 documentation. The parts are 100% avalanche tested and proven to deliver a reverse-avalanche capability of between three to ten times greater than competing Schottky alternatives.


Due to the SBR  s unique patented structure, its high-reverse avalanche performance ensures greater guardbanding against negative spikes and inductive load surges, thereby raising the ruggedness and reliability of automotive products. In a typical single-pulse avalanche test, avalanche energy measurements for Schottky and SBR devices were respectively 7mJ and 70mJ for the same circuit conditions.


DIODESTAR is a proprietary process platform for the manufacture of high voltage rectifiers. The DIODESTAR process gives high efficiency rectifiers that are characterised by >400V voltage handling, soft recovery and ultra fast switching. 


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